Day One: Favorite Episode

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  1. "After high school you realize you were only friends with some people because you saw them five times a week."

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  2. “Tag game: give us 5 random facts about yourself and pass this on to 10 people”

    1. I want to leave my home town and move away as soon as I can…and only come back for specific friends and my family
    2. Fandoms before social life. That tis my matra
    3. I act out scenes that I think will happen next in a book or on a tv show 😁 (i normally get it so wrong)
    4. I’m shite with remembering birthdays
    5. I really do want to date and fall in love, but for now I will live in blissful single agony

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  3. Hi!!! Can you do percabeth in we need to get to the hospital now???


    Of course! It’s a bit long, but here you go :)

    Percy Jackson was always a worrier when it came to his friends; it was a side effect of his fatal flaw. But never had he been more worried than right now. He sat with his hands buried deep in his messy hair, elbows on his knees, and tried with all of his might not to get up and start pacing the floor. He hated hospitals.

    As a demigod, his experience with visiting hospitals was very limited. There wasn’t really much need to see a doctor when a little nectar or ambrosia fixed you right up. But he didn’t have a choice this time around. He couldn’t take any chances when it came to Annabeth.

    Percy had strolled into the living room, humming a chirpy tune quietly. It must’ve been his lucky day, because he just so happened to catch the last bus before the city stations closed down; with his car currently being in the shop, the alternative would’ve been walking. His mom lived close to him, but he sure as heck wasn’t going to call her during her date night with Paul. He shuddered at the thought.

    “Annabeth?” he called, setting his keys on the counter. No answer.

    His forehead creased. That was strange, normally she responded. Normally he could at least hear her. But there wasn’t any noise at all in their little house. Percy wandered from room to room, his panic increasing each time he’d walk in to find it empty. Not in the kitchen. Not in the sunroom. Not in the bathroom or the study or the garage. That left the bedroom. He nearly kicked down the door in his hurry to get in the room, when he finally spotted her. But his relief was short-lived.

    She was passed out cold on the bedroom floor.

    “Annabeth!” he yelled. He rushed forward and kneeled beside her unconscious form, brushing her hair away from her face and running his hands over her, checking for injuries while calling to her. She wouldn’t wake up. From what he could tell, she hadn’t really hurt herself in the fall, but his fear refused to subside. It increased tenfold when he spotted a puddle of water underneath her. He pressed a shaky hand to her growing stomach, the source of one of his main concerns.

    Annabeth was pregnant.

    She appeared to be in labor, but the doctor said it was too early. They were supposed to have almost an entire month before she reached full-term; how could the baby be coming now? And why had she fainted? As far as Percy knew, that didn’t happen in normal pregnancies.

    Something was very wrong.

    He murmured comforting words under his breath, more for his benefit than for hers, and yanked out his cell phone, punching in a familiar number. The ringing echoed in his ear and he stroked her face gently. Finally, a voice picked up.


    “Mom, Annabeth’s in labor and she’s unconscious. We need to get to the hospital NOW!”

    His mother sat next to him quietly, a reassuring hand resting on his back. Paul was in the bathroom. Percy fiddled nervously with his wedding ring. He looked out the windows in the waiting room and noticed a soft light just barely peeking over the horizon. He was exhausted, but there was no way he could possibly sleep. Not while his wife was behind those white doors.

    He wished he could be back there with her. It was beyond frustrating. He traveled across the country with her. He chased her across the country again when she’d disappeared. They’d bested the Labyrinth and the Sea of Monsters together. He even followed her into Tartarus, for goodness’ sake! But this time, he was told to stay behind. And it was driving him crazy.

    Suddenly, the doors were pushed open and a tired-looking man in a lab coat appeared. Percy jumped up and ran over the moment his name was called. His expression must’ve been horrible, because the doctor gave him a comforting smile.

    “Congratulations. You’re now the father of a little boy.”

    That simple sentence nearly swept him off his feet. He felt like he could finally let out the breath he’d been holding for the last ten hours. The doctor kept talking, glancing down at his clipboard.

    “We managed to stabilize your partner, but she wouldn’t wake up, so we had to perform a cesarean section. Your son was born prematurely and weighs 4 pounds 2 ounces, so he will need to stay in the hospital until he gets up to a normal weight. But other than that, he is perfectly healthy.”

    “What about my wife? How is she now?”

    “She’s perfectly fine. Woke up shortly after the surgery. There isn’t any indication as to why she would faint seeing as all of her vitals checked out; we’re speculating it was from pain or shock; perhaps stress. We won’t know for sure until we can run more tests.”

    Hera. The thought emerged in his mind, but was quickly pushed aside as questions about Annabeth flooded his brain. “Can I see her?”

    The doctor looked up at him and was quiet for a short moment. Then he smiled again. “Of course.”

    Percy followed him back anxiously until they came to a stop in front of a door. The doctor nodded at him to enter and he gripped the doorknob, opening it slowly.

    The sight that awaited him was like nothing he had ever experienced.

    The light from the morning sun had bathed the room in soft colors. Annabeth was propped up at a very low angle, head resting against a myriad of pillows. Blankets covered her nightgown-clad body up to her chest. Her blonde curls were a tangled mess and she was hooked up to a bunch of machines that beeped and booped and generally told him she was okay. And in her arms was a tiny cooing human swaddled in blankets. An impossibly small arm had wriggled its way out of the coverings and was moving around stiffly, as if it had a mind of its own.

    She looked up at him with her gray eyes and gave him a sleepy smile. “Hey.”

    His response was to rush over and kiss her. One arm snaked around her shoulders while the other rested gently around their child, and he buried his face in her hair, whispering nonsense as relief drowned him. The tears came freely.

    Hope you liked it! It was fun to write!



    50’s AU

    Part: 1 / 2

    Rachel’s really nice, Annabeth thought as she waved to the redhead and walked down the hallway toward her locker. She was a new kid, just transferred in, though she wouldn’t say where from. She was artsy and spunky, and overall just friendly and comfortable to be…

  5. percabeth AU were Percy works in the sweet shop where his mother also works?



    but i made them six year old babies


    i just think their cuter when their arguing, but don’t worry! i did a time skip and they do the kissy face at the end.

    This fic is literally sugar sweet, lot of cute cute cute, makes me wanna’ go to a candy shop!!  

    As always, I upload everything to my AO3. Please leave kudos if you like! I MIGHT continue this if people ask. And if you like to read here / reblog on tumblr, click below the cut! 

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  6. More royals Au with percabeth? PLEASE


    Part one

    Percy knocked tentatively on Annabeth’s door, he knew she’d have every right to slam the door in his face. It was barely a week after the ball and his father had already spoken to her father about a marriage contract between them. Percy hadn’t meant for this happen but once he got wind of the other men who had already put word in with her father to be her betrothed he did something rash and told his father he wanted her.

    His father had sent out a horseman immediately and word was received within the hour, her father had accepted. There was an unofficial agreement between them at the moment, one Percy was hoping to secure with his visit today.

    Percy heard the door scrape against the dirt floor and then she was standing there, glaring at him, “Oh, it’s you.”

    He frowned, what else had he expected, “I’m sorry.”

    She tried to shut the door but he held it open, “Just hear me out.”

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  7. jsika16:

    Incredibly nervous and messy young Percabeth sketch of them totally passed out after a particularly exhausting day of being heroes. I don’t even know what I’m doing .

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    you know what?

    the reason why I don’t think the Percy Jackson fandom will last after Blood of Olympus is published is because we’re all so fucking rude to each other.

    nobody can peacefully ship whatever they want without someone else putting them down for it, and after a while…



    you know what?

    the reason why I don’t think the Percy Jackson fandom will last after Blood of Olympus is published is because we’re all so fucking rude to each other.

    nobody can peacefully ship whatever they want without someone else putting them down for it, and after a while…