1. I’m sorry. But after seeing Hercules I REFUSE to believe he was ever a bad guy.

  2. "You don’t have to be a demigod to be a hero, you just have to believe you’re one."


    Heroes aren’t always the ones who win. They’re the ones who lose, sometimes. But they keep fighting, they keep coming back. They don’t give up. That’s what makes them heroes.

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  3. i-will-write-for-you:

    Fandom: TMI

    OTP: Clace

    Prompt: vulnerable jace, comforting clary

    For: dont-stop-believing-in-happiness


    “Jace, please,” Clary pleads with him, tugging on his shirt. “Stop saying that. It’s not your fault.”

    Jace shakes his head, sliding down the wall, covering his eyes like a child. His eyes are wide, and he’s shaking ever-so-slightly. He’s vulnerable right now, and Clary knows it.

    “You don’t know.” Jace insists. “You were passed you. Clary, you fainted, and the demon, it-it came after you, and it snapped your wrist, while you were out! And I didn’t do a damn thing about it!”

    “Jace, don’t do this to yourself. Broken bones heal. I’ll be okay, I promise.” Clary waves her cast in the air. “It’s like a new accessory.”

    “Don’t you dare try to comfort me, Clary.” He growls, shutting his eyes. “Don’t you dare.”

    Tears of frustration leek into Clary’s eyes and spill down her cheeks. “By the angel.” Clary chokes, sobbing once. “Stop blaming yourself for everything bad.”

    Jace’s hand snaps out in a sharp movement, but when his fingers snag around her pink cast, they’re very gentle, very careful, though the insanity in his eyes never flickers or dims. He holds her wrist up, in clear sight. “My fault.” He sets it back down by her side.

    Clary watches him in silence a little longer, his knees curled up to his chest, his elbows resting on his knees, his head resting in his hands. “My fault.” He repeats. “I could have done something about it.”

    “No.” Clary insists. “You were battling your own demon and mine. We made a deal—we each get one. If you’d left to help me, then you’d have died. And you’re no good to me, dead, Jace.”

    He ignores her, his jaw working with tension.

    Finally, Clary can’t take it anymore. She separates Jace’s knees with brute force, and wiggles her way between them, closing them up again around her, so she was engulfed by Jace, encircled by his legs. She then pus a hand on either side of his face, and looks him very seriously in the eye. “Sorry to break this to you, Jace, but you’re not the cause of everything bad in the entire world. I never felt it, and it’s going to heal.” She growls.

    Jace blinks, looking at her like he’s seeing her for the first time, realization dawning on him. “You’re tougher than you look.” He mutters, letting his forehead rest against hers. When he blinks, their eyelashes touch, a butterfly kiss.

    “Love you.” Clary whispers, shutting her eyes.

    Jace replies in a husky voice. “Love you more.”


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  4. i-will-write-for-you:


    Fandom: TMI

    OTP: Clace

    Prompt: Jace acting like a jerk to Clary and then apologizing

    For:  Anon


    “I’m going.” Clary sticks her chin up. “I am, Jace.” She was already dressed for the hunt, in black leather jacket, black pants, with her hair falling loose around her shoulders. Her stele was tucked safely into an easily accessible place at her hip, amongst other, complicated looking weapons that applied to demons only. She was ready to kill.

    Behind them, Isabelle and Alec duck out, avoiding the fight they knew was about to go down.

    “No.” Jace flexes his jaw. “Over my dead body, Clary.”

    “It’s just a couple of demons, Jace, I can handle them.” She says, her voice on the verge of yelling.

    No, you can’t.” Jace growls, stepping closer to her, until Clary’s backed up against a wall.

    Clary’s jaw fall slack. “Excuse me?” She gasps, in shock.

    “You heard me.” Jace says tightly. “I don’t think you can handle them.”

    You don’t mean that.” Clary shuts her eyes. “you don’t.”

    “you’re not strong enough.” Jace continues. He opens his mouth to say, “not yet, at least” when a single tear falls from her eye, and he stops short.


    He did that.

    He made clary cry.

    So often, so so often, he was the one wiping away Clary’s tears, the one cursing whoever made them come. But now he was the one who’d provoked them.

    “By the angel.” Jace punches the wall above Clary’s head at pure frustration at himself, making her jump and squeak. His eyes fall on her, and he catches a tear with his thumb. “I’m sorry.” He whispers, his eyes burning into hers.

    Clary ducks under his arm and away from him. “If that’s really how you feel, Jace.” She laughs once, without humor. “Then don’t apologize.”

    Before she can walk away to hide in her room for days, ignoring Jace as only Clary can, (she’s the only girl Jace has ever known who can ignore him, not even Isabelle or Mayrse can do that) he snags her wrist and drags her sharply towards him, sending her crashing into his chest. Before Clary can scramble away, Jace holds her, tightly, resting his chin atop her hair. “It’s not how I feel. Christ, Clary, I’m sorry. Okay?”

    Clary doesn’t move away from him, to Jace’s relief. If she had…he doesn’t know if he’d be able to take that. To take rejection, from her. Anyone but her. “Do you really think I’m weak?”

    “No.” Jace struggles for words. “I’m just…I mean, Clary, you have to understand—my first instinct is to protect you—always. You always come first for me, before anyone. Before myself, even.” Jace smiles briefly. “So obviously, if you’re wanting to come with me, and put yourself in danger, I’m going to object. I don’t want to see you get hurt. Do you know how crazy I’d be, with you standing before a demon? Even that first day in your mother’s house, I nearly had a heart attack, and I hardly knew you. Didn’t even know your name.”

    Clary doesn’t reply.

    “Do you want to come?” Jace asks, his voice steady.


    “Then…” He takes a deep breath and pulls away, offering Clary just his hand instead. “Let’s go.”

    She frowns at his hand for half a second, and Jace’s heart drops. He’s sure she’ll walk away begrudgingly and leave him hanging, aching for physical touch, when she shoves his hand aside, and launches herself into his arms. “I forgive you.” She says simply. She hugs him until his shocked arms fold around her, and he kisses her forehead, pulling away, offering up his hand one more time. “The others are waiting.” He smiles.

    Clary smiles too, accepting his hand, giving it a reassuring squeeze. She walks beside him towards the institute doors, before freezing. “Jace?”

    “Yes?” he raises a brow.

    “I’m scared.” She admits, cowering a little closer.

    Jace gives her a sympathetic smile. “Clary, I’ll protect you.”

    And with that promise hanging sweet and lovely in the air, the venture off, both prepared to spill the blood of their enemies.


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  5. i-will-write-for-you:


    Fandom: TMI

    OTP: Clace

    Prompt: Intense clace moment

    For: Anon


    There was nowhere left to turn—Clary was backed up against a wall. Literally.

    The demon her and Jace along with Alec and Isabelle had been hunting ended up having friends—seven of them. Jace had downed one, Clary downed one, but now, she was stuck as two launched after her, cornered her. The apartment building was filled with the stench of rotten flesh, and it made them both want to gag.

    She had nowhere to run, and all her weapons, including her stele, had been knocked away. She was defenseless, and she knew it.

    Jace, Alec, and Isabelle had chased a demon out the door, and Clary had been meant to follow, when the others had emerged. She was trapped.

    She had few options. Surrender, and die, leaving Jace all alone and without her, or, fight best she could, until they realize she’s not following, and come back, where the others can help her kill of the demon. Or….glancing behind her, she sees an large window, floor to ceiling, close enough she thinks she can make it.

    A demon snarls and snaps it jowls at her, its breath making Clary choke. There was no other choice, it was go out fighting, or die like a coward. She’d never chose the latter.

    She looked out the window as the first demon growled at her. She was about 4 or 5stories up.

    A human would never make it.

    But—Clary’s not human. She’s stronger. She’s a shadowhunter, and she’s got angel blood in her veins.

    Clary rushes towards the window, and gets to hear Jace calling her name, perfect and lovely, one last time, before she feels herself falling.

    And falling.










    “Be careful, Clary, I think there might be—” Jace stops, turning around wildly. “Clary?”

    “Where is she?” Isabelle demands, her eyes darting for Clary and for demons as she speaks. Jace feels his mouth go dry. He tries one more time. “Clary?”

    “She was right behind us…” Alec swallows, and at the same time, all three of them, with Jace in the lead, dash up the stairs and into the room they’d been in previously.

    Clary, backed into a corner by demons.

    Before Jace can reassure her he’ll kill them all, she runs, and as he sees her direction, Jace’s mouth goes dry.

    CLARY, NO!” Jace has never put so much force into a yell before, so much passion. But it’s too late to stop Clary, gravity takes hold, and she drops out of the window, take shards of glass with her.

    Jace doesn’t think—theres no time to think. Clary’s in danger.

    He runs with as much momentum as he can, stabbing a demon as he passes them, and jumps out the window, following Clary.

    Swan diving to get down quicker, Jace prays he can catch up to her before she can go splat.

    The task seems nearly impossible as he watches her red hair flying towards the rushing ground at immeasurable speeds. He couldn’t speed himself up, he couldn’t slow her down.

    This is happening.

    Somehow, someway, the angel is on Jace’s side that day, and he manages to snag his arms around her, and get his feet beneath him, before they both land.

    Instead of breaking both legs like Jace intended, he hits the ground with a thump, landing on both feet in a crouch. He straightens and clears his throat, blinking around.

    “How…did you….do that?” Clary demands, staring with huge eyes. “That had to have been at least four stories, Jace!”

    Jace shrugs, hugging Clary close, not willing to set her down. “Damn you, Fray. You could have…” He swallows. “If I hadn’t realized…” he shakes his head. “Never.” He demands. “You will never scare me like that again. Understand?”

    “Jace, I—”

    Never.” He says sharply, shutting his eyes. Clary realized he was shaking.

    “I’m sorry.” She says in a small voice. “I didn’t know what else to do.”

    “you call for me.” His eyes snap open, and a flame burns within them. “You call my name, when you’re in trouble, Clary, and I’ll come for you. Always. You don’t ever, EVER, do anything rash. Not ever again. I could have…you almost…” He takes a deep breath. “Never.”

    Clary shuts her eyes, tucking her chin into his chest. “Never.” She agrees softly. “And thanks, for, um, catching me.”

    Jace gives a very jace-like smirk and delivers a cheesy line that makes Clary’s heart sputter out of control. “Silly Clary,” He scolds lightly. “I’ll always catch you when you fall.”


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  6. i-will-write-for-you:

    **creds to photo owner**

    Fandom: TMI

    OTP:  Clace

    Prompt: Clary gets jealous of a new shadow hunter who saved Jace’s life.

    For:  antisociallyfreakyx


    Clary almost died that day.

    It wasn’t supposed to end up actually being dangerous. It was a test run, for Tori, the newest shadowhunter whom had come to the institute, asking to fight with Clary, Jace, Isabelle and Alec. It was only supposed to be one demon. Tori was supposed to kill it herself, and if she couldn’t, then the others would step in to help.

    Tori killed the demon on her own with ease, but little did they know, they were on vampire territory.

    An entire nest of them had suddenly emerged, snarling, and promising death for each of the shadowhunters who had crossed onto their land.

    Instantly, Jace pushes Clary slightly behind him. “Clary, when I give the cue, you run.” He says under his breath.

    “Fat chance.” Clary’s hand tightens on her stele. “I can do this, Jace. I’ve been practicing some new runes. I think I can freeze them long enough that we can get away, I’ve been getting stronger.”

    “It’s too dangerous.” Isabelle hisses, taking Jace’s side. “You and Tori get the hell out of here as soon as they attack.

    And before Tori or Clary could raise up and protest, the vamps attack, snarling and launching themselves at the hunters.

    It’s not long before Clary’s stele gets knocked away by a bloodsucker who’s trying to rip her throat out. It’s teeth, sharp as needle points, are centimeters away from the exposed flesh of her neck. She’s sure she’s going to get bitten, when Jace stabs the vampire from behind, and watches with satisfaction as it falls to the ground.

    “Clary, go!” Jace calls as another pounces on him. But Clary would die here before she left Jace and the others alone. No Shadowhunter abandons their friends in a hunt. Ever.

    Jace is fighting a losing battle with the vampire, and Clary knows she’s weaponless and helpless to peel the vamp off—she’s not strong enough.

    She sucks in a deep breath, and dives for Jace’s stele, pulling it from his pocket, escaping other vampires teeth by inches.

    She starts furiously etching a rune on her skin, as fast as she can, not even feeling the burn, but instead, feeling a solution glide of her skin, a way to save jace and the others.

    But before she can finish that one, connecting line, finishing the rune and freezing all the vamps in their place, Tori bolts at Jace, and tears the vampire off him, saving him seconds before Clary’s rune takes effect.


    “Stop it, Jace!” Tori giggles flirtatiously. Clary resists the urge to roll her eyes, and to punch that stupid little grin right off the blondes face. Jace had thanked her (more than necessary) if you asked her. Alec, Magnus, isabelle and Simon, along with Robert and Mayrse, were seated at the dinner table, and a few times, even Simon or Isabelle would see Jace’s gratitude as flirty, and they’d clear their throats. Izzy even kicked him under the table.

    Jace holds up his hands in surrender, a grin on his face. A grin he usually only displayed for Clary. “Sorry, sorry,” He mumbles, using that impish tone he saved for when Clary was scolding him. “But that was pretty badass.”

    “Thanks.” Tori blushes bright red, casting her eyes down. “I’m just glad I saved you.”

    Finally, enough becomes enough, and Clary bolts up from the kitchen table, leaving her dinner untouched.

    “Clary?” She hears Jace’s voice calling her, but she ignores him, bolting into her room and locking the door, leaning against it.

    Seconds later, she feels another body slump against the door: Jace.

    “Clary.” His voice is gentle, the voice he uses to talk Clary down off her ledges. The voice he uses to sooth her. She feels the effects of it wanting to work the stiffness out of her muscles but she fights it tooth and nail. “Open the door, love.”

    Love. Her heart always did stop when he called her that.

    “But why should I?” Clary mumbles. “Just go back to flirting with Tori. I know you want to. She’s better than me in every way—perfect hair, perfect style, perfect fighting skills—”

    She’s cut off by Jace’s laughter. “Clary…” He chuckles. “do you think….are you…”

    “Jealous?” Clary says bitterly. “Maybe.”

    “You shouldn’t be.” Jace’s voice is softer.

    “Oh yeah?” Clary’s jaw clenches. “Give me one good reason why not.” She stands away from the door, and sits on the edge of her bed.

    She sees the door handle jiggle and slide open, and Jace slips in, shutting the door behind her. He rakes a hand back through his hair, shoving it off his face. “Clary,” He smiles gently, approaching her slowly. “Silly girl.”

    Clary doesn’t answer, but she doesn’t move when he sits beside her and wraps an arm around her shoulders. “You’re adorable when you’re jealous.”  He kisses her hair.

    Clary doesn’t reply again, but is unable to help leaning into his touch.

    “but you should know better.” He scolds lightly. “There will never be anyone but you, Clary. I’ll never look at another girl the way I look at you.”

    Clary makes a soft sound. “Jace…I understand. You don’t have to explain yourself to me.”

    “Tori may have saved me from one vampire, but you’ve brought me back from the dead, Clary.” He whispers. “You saved me from myself, Clary.”

    Clary leans against him, sighing very quietly. “You, Jace Lightwood, are an impossible idiot.”

    “True.” Jace says thoughtfully. “But I’m your idiot.”


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  7. i-will-write-for-you:

    Fandom: TMI

    OTP: Clace

    Prompt: Clary gets captured by rogue downworld vampires and tortured for imformation—jace saves the day

    For: anon


    “I’ll die before I tell you anything.” Clary says through clenched teeth. The light the Vampires shone in her face made her squint and blink, her pupils dialated as small as they go. She’s tied to a chair, arms and legs bound. Two rogue vampires captured her from her apartment, just as she was about to head to the Institute to see Jace. They wanted information on Simon and on how Clary could draw runes. They wanted to turn her.

    The vampires laugh. “Did you hear that, Lillian?” The male vampire chuckles. “She said she’ll die. How…amusing.”

    Lillian leans close to Clary. “I think we should turn this one, Mike. She’s gifted.”

    “She’s a Nemphiliam.” Mike hisses. “They’d all come for us.”

    “They’re coming for you anyways.” Clary replies curtly. “Bad timing on your part, idiots. I was on my way to see my boyfriend, at the Institute, when you took me. He’s going to wonder why I didn’t come. Then, he’s going to call me, and wonder where I am. And when I don’t answer, he’s going to track me down, and he will find me. Then he’ll untie me, and both of us are going to kicky our sorry asses, and chop your damn heads off.” She says pleasantly, with a brilliant smile.

    Lily produces a knife from her pocket, and draws it down the length of Clary’s cheekbone, provoking a line of blood. Clary winces under the sting, but it’s nothing compared to the injures she’s endured before. A mere paper cut. “Unless you do answer the phone.” She grins.

    It’s then, exactly, when her phone whines, declaring a call is coming in. The ringtone is the one Jace setup specifically for him, the sound of police sirens—his own personal joke, knowing it made Clary jump out of her skin every time she heard it.

    But now, she only gritted her teeth, sighing mentally.

    Mike plucks the phone from her pocket, hands a little too grabby for Clary ‘s liking, and he presses answer, shoving it against her ear.

    “Act normal.” He mouths at her, his expression murderous, promising worse things than a little cut if she tipped Jace off.

    “Clary?” Jace sounds frantic. “Where are you? I thought you were coming down.”

    “Oh, sorry.” Clary says smoothly. “I completely forgot we had plans. I got caught up in this insane line up at Target, trying to get some chew toys for Church. I know his birthday is coming up soon.” She winces. Cat’s don’t have chew toys, but chew toys was their panic-word, so that if they had to give the signal they needed help, they could do it discreetly. Jace had come up with it.

    Jace’s voice is eerily calm. “Oh, don’t worry about, Clary. We can reschedule.”

    Clary pretends to be disheartened. “Yeah,” she says faintly. “sounds good.”

    Mike plucks the phone away, smiling. “I don’t think you’re going to reschedule that visit, Dear Shadowhunter.”

    Clary swallows, seriously hoping Jace remembered their panic-word, and that he’d find her in time.

    “He’ll find me.” Clary promises, fighting fear tooth and nail. “And then he’s going to kill you.”

    Lily shrugs. “Well, until then…why don’t us three have a little…” She holds up the knife suggestively, twitsting it this way and that, watching the light glint off it. “fun.”


    Jace bursts through the door of the old warehouse, praying under his breath that she was okay, that she was alive.

    If anything, jace pleads, let her be alive.

    He felt a little less creepy about installing that GPS locater on Clary’s cell phone, and lot more thankful he’d done it. Without, he’s not sure he’d have found this place at all, as secluded and hidden away as it is.

    When he finally sees her, his heart sinks to  his feet, dread washing over him, followed by a tiny bit of relief.

    She’s bloody—her nose drips blood, there’s a slice in her cheek, and there’s bruises decorating her neck, like she was strangled. Her hair is wet on the ends, and one of the demons towering over her holds a towel soaked with water and a water bottle. Jace knew they must’ve been using Chinese water torture.

    Oh Clary. Clary…

    Adrenaline, like never before, as soon as the female demon raises her knife, about to draw more designs on Clary’s already scarred up skin.

    Jace was going to kill them. He was going to snap 20 bones in each of their bodies for every minute they had Clary in pain.

    A knife in each hand, he uses swift movements to stab each of them in their backs, sending them flying into the floor. He watches them writhe in satisfaction a while longer, before Clary’s whimper snaps him out of it.

    He quickly unties her, and scoops her up like a child, her legs twining around his hips, her arms around his neck, head tucked into the crook of his neck. “Clary, Clary,” he murmurs, fighting back tears. Jace isn’t one to cry, but when he thinks about how close he came to losing her…

     “I’m sorry, Clary, god, I’m so sorry.” He says fiercely, hiking her up higher on his waist, rubbing soothing circles on her back, as if he was trying to sooth a small child.  “I’m so sorry this happened.”

    Clary remains quiet, clinging to him like a sloth might cling to a tree.

    After a while, the tremble in her body stops, and she hugs Jace tighter. He feels her blood on his t shirt.

    “Are you okay?” Jace asks. It was a stupid question, but it needed to be asked.

    Clary chokes. “I am now.”


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  8. i-will-write-for-you:

    Fandom: TMI

    OTP: Clace (WARNING: Read Below ONLY if 18+ not too dirty, but not appropriate for younger audiences.)

    Prompt: Clace makes love **I’m kind of making it into a continuation of the fic where Clary went to Paris and Jace missed her….reunion type thing. So yeah…**

    Requested By: Anon


    “I missed you.” Jace tugs Clary out of the threshold of his bedroom, and shuts the door behind them, pinning her up against a wall. “You’ve been gone for a whole three weeks, Fray. Not acceptable.” He growls, their lips centimeters apart. “

    She closes that space and kisses him. “Sorry,” She murmurs. “You know it was just a school retreat. I’m back now.”

    “You are.” He agrees between kisses. “And you’ve got a lot to atone for, missy.”

    Clary giggles, winding her arms around his neck. “I don’t think that will be a problem.”

    Jace’s hands get needy, they get touchy. Sliding up her sides, just barely brushing the outmost edges of Clary’s bra.

    “What’s this I feel?” He asks in a dark tone, his hands brushing there again, feeling her tremble in delight when he does so. “Clarissa Fray, is that lace I feel?”

    Clary blushes but doesn’t feel as shy as she thought she would’ve. With Jace, this is easy. Being intimate is…simple. “They match,” She murmurs.

    Jace makes a sound that is positively animal. He peels her off the wall and practically shoves her onto the bed, climbing atop her, his lips working at her neck, making her arch her back up into him, moaning. “Jesus, Clary.” He shudders at the sound she makes. “Why are you doing this to me?”

    Clary is secretly pleased she can do things to Jace. Very pleased.

    “Shirt,” She mumbles, as he sucks and nibbles on the sensitive spot below her ear. “off.”

    Jace peels of his shirt and tosses it aside, and Clary digs her nails into his back. “I meant my shirt,” she whispers.

    Jace swallows, and slowly, gingerly, peels off Clary’s shirt, throwing it along with his, blinking at her. It’s not fair—not one should be as sexy as her. It should be illegal. The black bra was all lace, not leaving much to imagination.

    “You’re staring,” Clary notes.

    “You’re beautiful.” Jace declares, falling back on her, keeping the crushing amount of his weight off her, just giving enough so she feels him, feels all the lines of his muscled chest against her flat stomach.

    Soon enough, Clary’s bra is undone, and her jeans are being slid off, followed by Jace’s, until she’s braless and their both wearing nothing but their lower underwear.

    “I want you.” Clary murmurs, as Jace dips his head lower, his lips just brushing her breasts. She arches into him, biting her lip to hold back a scream of frustration. “I want you, Jace.” She repeats.

    Jace looks up at her. “Are you sure?”

    Clary nods eagerly. “I’m sure. Now.”

    And Jace obliges, stripping off all fabric until they’re both completely naked, Jace breaks the kiss for a moment. “Clary, if I hurt you—”

    “I’ll be fine, Jace.” Clary promises, giving him a smile. “I love you.”

    Jace nuzzles her neck. “I love you to.”

    Clary didn’t know what she expected of  her first time. She expected the pain—and it was definetly there, though Jace wiped her tears and kept asking if she was okay, and she told him to keep going. The pain faded, and Clary is left with pure bliss, her nails scratching at Jace’s back, her hips rocking with his, intertwined bodies, breathless panting.

    It was perfect.


    “Please tell me you are not doing the walk of shame.” Simon groans behind Isabelle. Clary’s been caught red handed sneaking out of Jace’s bedroom to get breakfast, wearing one of his oversized t shirts that came down to her knees, her hair in a frizzy array around her head.

    Isabelle giggles as Clary’s face turns bright red. “I, um..”

    “At least promise he wrapped it before he tapped it.” Isabelle says sternly. “The last thing we need is a little mini Jace running around. One of them is plenty enough.” She mutters.

    Simon nods for emphases.

    “So….how was it?” Isabelle asks, arching a brow.

    Clary’s blush deepens, if that’s even possible, and simon turns green. “Okay, you know what? Before you answer that, I’m leaving. It’s like hearing about parents having sex.” He mutters as he walks away, far away—vampire hearing is good.

    “Well?” Izzy prompts.

    Clary shrugs, giving an impish smile. “It was…” she giggles once. “It was great.”


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  9. i-will-write-for-you:

    Fandom: TMI

    OTP: Clace

    Prompt: Clary have nightmares about Sebastian, Jace comforts her.

    Requested by: anon


    Jace couldn’t sleep.

    It was 3:34AM, and he hadn’t closed his eyes once.

    It was Clary.

    She was too fascinating. He was afraid that if he fell asleep, he’d miss another adorable moment. She was curled up like a kitten, her hands clapsed at her face, breathing even. Her eyes dart behind her lids, seeing the colour filled land of her dreams. Jace wonders if his face is a reappearing theme—she murmurs his name a lot, and smiles.

    “Jace…mine.” She sighs softly in her sleep, a timid smile on her lips. “My Jace.”

    Jace can’t help but smile down at her. “All yours,” he agrees softly, as not to wake her.

    He wasn’t tired—he felt alive. Having Clary nestled beside him….well, there’s no better feeling in the world. And when he tries to reach over to grab the waterbottle he’d cleverly positioned on his nightstand, she whines in her sleep, grabbing fistfuls of his teeshirt and tucking her head on her chest. “mine.” She delclares again, mumbling something else incoherently.

    Jace’s smile widens, and he kisses her hair, his arms coming around her.

    He’s content to watch her dream of him, to listen to  her sleepy voice sigh his name a million different times in a million different voices.

    When suddenly, she goes stiff.

    “No.” she whispers. “go away.”

    Jace wondered if she was talking to a dream version of himself, or of someone else entirely. He hoped for the latter. The last thing he wanted was Clary dreaming up him hurting her—which he’d never do. He’d die first.

    “help,” Jace feels the wetness of her tears on his chest, to his surprise. “help me, jace.”

    Jace gently shakes her. “Clary, love.” He whispers. “Clary.”

    When she continues to clutch him and cry, he shakes harder. “Clary! Wake up!”

    Her eyes fly open, and she blinks rapidly, eyes darting around, clearly disoriented.

    “Wha….but…” she frowns, eye lashes still wet, cheeks shiny with tears. She shuts her eyes, breathing out a long breath of relief.

    “it was just a bad dream.” Jace assures her, confirming what she suspected. He hugs her tightly, even as she begins to tremble.

    “It was horrible.” She sobs shortly. “Sebastian…he was….and I tried calling for you„ but you wouldn’t turn around…you wouldn’t come for me. and I didn’t understand why you didn’t help me…”

    Jace understood all at once. Clary had dreamt up her worst fear—Jace leaving her. Jace abandoning her when she needs him most. Clary had always been expecting him to leave—after all, in her mind, Jace could do a hell of a lot better than Clary. Jace thinks the same thing about her, wondering when she’ll realize that there are probably other guys out there, in her league. Whereas in Jace’s own mind, he considers her to be way to above his. Too good for him.

    Perfect for each other.

    He kisses her hair, brushing it off her face. “Everything is fine, Clary.” He soothes, rocking her gently. He was glad that this nightmare happened when he was around. Had it occurred when Clary was at Jocelyn’s apartment, who knows what kind of night she’d have, one filled with unease and fear. “That would never happen.” He adds, voice gentle and smooth as melting chocolate. “I’ll never leave you.”


    Send me a prompt, (picture or word) containing your fandom and your otp, and I’ll do my best to write a short fic on them! I do Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries,  Maximum Ride, Twilight, and The Mortal Instruments.